Annicka Wallis
Bachelor in Audiovisual Arts

Professional Bachelor Audiovisual Arts

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Audiovisual Arts

Would you like to work as a professional in the broad audiovisual media world? Are you open to an internationally focused environment that is constantly changing? Then, the Professional Bachelor's programme in the Audiovisual Arts at the RITCS is the right place for you. This professional bachelor's degree programme guides you critically and practically in an international context of live events, online production, media production and media art.

After teaching you the basic tools of audio, video, new technologies, production management and directing, we immediately start working in virtual production houses. Hence, we mainly learn by actual practice. Our very own production houses allow to fully think out productions together and execute them in successive workshops such as production, research and editing, recording, multi-camera, audio mixing, grading, transmission and realization. Ultimately, we give form and content to our own RITCS television channel AIRBOX to bring the productions to life. This practical training with theoretical foundation prepares you to become a media maker in the Belgian and international media landscape.

 All our classes are in Dutch.

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