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This is not a Reading Club

FN23 24 Reading Club web Inge Pieters

! Please note that this event will be held in English. Have you ever felt guilty about not reading enough ? We did too. And the fact that the reading was being done alone in a room, consuming book after book, not being able to talk things through, was a big obstacle for us. So we came with an idea to overcome this obstacle in the form of a shared reading group, coincidentally also very fitting for our own artistic research surrounding the female gaze in cinema and the horizontal organisation of sharing knowledge that is part of that.

This is the plan. We kindly invite everyone interested in this shared-reading-and-shared-discussion-idea to join us. The power of this method is that you meet up with interesting people to read aloud together, to see a text through a different lens, and have an immediate chance to discuss and reflect about your and others’ questions.

We meet once a month, on Mondays. No preparation or extensive prior knowledge is needed, just showing up with body and mind. For the first session, we provide three texts ranging from classic theory to a literary testimony of a relevant artistic practice to a contemporary critical essay. For the other sessions, we let the group decide what exactly to read. So, if you join us, you are also expected to have a notion on which direction we will go as a reading group.

Nevertheless, we do feel we need to determine a specific starting point, so we decided to focus on the urgent question of the female gaze in the arts and other positions that challenge the dominant discourse.

As said, all are welcome: students, artists, teachers, researchers, both from inside and also outside RITCS. We deeply value interdisciplinary thinking and surprising associations. So if you’re hungry for sharing reflections and ideas, this is for you.

Charlotte De Cort is a Brussels-based writer and film director. In her work Charlotte feels driven towards close skins, fragile looks and tactile body movements to trigger the viewer’s senses. Deeply considering texture, palette and affect of the environment her characters are moving in. Nowadays she grows in writing and directing short films, documentaries, music videos and commercials.

Shauni De Gussem is an artistic researcher at RITCS, a film lecturer at LUCA School of Arts, and a freelance screenwriter. She also writes cultural criticism for various publications and gives lectures on film, visual and narrative culture, creative writing, psychoanalysis, and literature.

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