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LONG SUMMER DREAM - Pedro Loureiro (Ma Regie)

Affiche voorstelling LONG SUMMER DREAM Pedro Loureiro
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Here is the new generation of theater makers! From Monday 3 to Saturday 15 June, you can discover the new generation of Directors, Actors, and Stage Technicians at our campuses and in various theaters during the graduation festival LICHTING RITCS 2024.

About the play

The play reflects on gender identity, the relation of love, authority and oppression by reenacting on stage personal scenes. We travel by a queer discover identity and we question where ego interferes on our personal growth, how to deal with hierarchy powers and how to survive with personal struggles in different cultural contexts and self-acceptance. In between real-time cinema, performance/theatre and video installations are intersected and the play comes from research into what our stereotypes are, what feminine and masculine archetypes are, and how we can deconstruct the idea we have of these same stereotypes.


Director: Pedro Sousa Loureiro
With: Andreia Morado and Lien Jansen
Production: Lotte Groessens
External coach: Seppe Baeyens
Light Design: Jerome Roobaert
Video: Gayane Khachatryan and Rita Figueiredo

Combine different performances

Want to watch multiple performances in one day? You can!

On June 12, 13, and 14, you can attend the following performances consecutively:
LONG SUMMER DREAM by Pedro Loureiro
Une petite mort by Luna Luz Sanchez

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