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Une petite mort - Luna Luz Sanchez (Ma Regie)

Affiche Une petite mort
  • Voorstelling

Here is the new generation of theater makers! From Monday 3 to Saturday 15 June, you can discover the new generation of Directors, Actors, and Stage Technicians at our campuses and in various theaters during the graduation festival LICHTING RITCS 2024.

About the play

“Remember that you are dying.”
A woman is alone, waiting.
When the emptiness becomes unbearable and reflects the confinement of existence, the body can choose to eat or be eaten.
Faced with this impossible choice, a Still Life awakens memories incorporated in a ritual of objects and gestures.
And if the remembering body could fill the void?



Directing: Luna Luz Sanchez
Performer: Giulia Piana
Soundesign: Bert Toulet
Lightdesign: Ine Van Bortel
Scenography: Louise Duvinage
Costum: Ariane Meiller

Coach extern: Marielle Morales
Coaches intern: Bart Capelle, Kurt Lefevre and Dirk Verstockt

Combine different performances

Want to watch multiple performances in one day? You can!

On June 12, 13, and 14, you can attend the following performances consecutively:
LONG SUMMER DREAM by Pedro Loureiro
Une petite mort by Luna Luz Sanchez

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