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TOONMOMENT Master Regie: Long Summer Dream - Pedro Loureiro

  • Voorstelling

Long Summer Dream will consist on the research of sonorities from different countries transposed to the stage, from biographical sides of the performers, fictionalizing them. Social bordes; Feminine and Masculine Archetypes; Identity research and cinema intersected with theater and performance are some of the themes to research and work on. This show is an encounter of 4 friends that travelled during an entire summer, by Portugal, Belgium, France, Armenia and England (London) and New York City (United States of America). Those 4 friends reunite on stage to present a life exhibition with family pictures, personal objects, to display them and share them with the audience. This group is shooting a live movie during the play, in a movie set. The text of this play reflects about love relations, family structures and family relations, it questions where ego interfeers on our personal growth, how to deal with hierarchy powers and how to survive with personal struggles in different cultural contexts, from compulsion to contemplation This group also researches in their heritage roots their identity to understand the world they are living in. On stage there will be cameras, performers, tables, screens, and light design that creates different stage atmospheres, making it look like a stage, or a cinema place, an art gallery, a movie set, a restaurant, a bar, a cabaret, a room, a living room, where everything can happens. In this live dream we are bulding we are suddenly transported to Lisbon, France, Belgium, England (London); and Armenia (by footage done with the landscape of those places).


by Pedro Sousa Loureiro
With: Alice De Waele and Andreia Morad
Accordion and Production: Lotte Groessens
Video and graphics: Pim Mannaert
Sound and Light Design: Jerome Roobaert
Photo by: Veronique Bruyneel
Video installations with: Louky van Eijkelenburg and Rita Figueiredo
External coach: Seppe Baeyens
Support: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation