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TOONMOMENT Master Regie: Une petite mort (work in progress) Luna Luz Sanchez

Vanitas 2006 Paula Rego 1935
  • Voorstelling

“Remember that you are dying.”

A woman is alone, waiting. When the emptiness becomes unbearable and reflects the confinement of existence, the body can choose to eat or be eaten. Faced with this impossible choice, a Still Life awakens memories incorporated in a ritual of objects and gestures.

And if the remembering body could fill the void ?

Mediums: Dance - Theater


Directing: Luna Luz Sanchez
Performer: Giulia Piana
Scenography: Ine Van Bortel and Louise Duvinage
Soundesign and live sound: Bert Toulet
Sound recording: Eric Morel
Production:Pierre-Louis De Clercq
Coaches: Marielle Morales, Bart Capelle, Kurt Lefevre and Dirk Verstockt


26/3 21u

27/3 17u

28/3 19u