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Cuervos de sangre - Luna Luz Sanchez (Ba Drama-Regie)

In addition to the performances of final-year students in Drama and Stage Technology, you can also discover the theater plays of third-year Drama students and Stage Technology students at LICHTING RITCS.

About the play

It all starts with a death. When the physical body disappears, what remains? Are there other body shapes? What does death reveal about our human condition?
When her mother dies, a girl is dive into a suspended time. Conscious of the weight of depth, sometimes distant, sometimes close, she is assailed by memory.
Who owns this memory? Through an initiatory journey, a girl faces female history to finally understand her own path.
With the body, the voice and different emotional states, five performers take us on a journey through our subconscious, memories and historical events.


Diricting : Luna Luz Sanchez
Performers : Morgane Azoulay, Giulia Cermelli, Céline Gaza, Hana Kolic and Léa Tourneur
Sound Design : Eric Morel
Scenography : Cassandra Cristin
Costums : Noam de Crombrugghe and Zofia Dehmel
Technics sounds and lights : Brice Leonard and Ine Van Bortel
Coachs : Ruud Gielens, Erwin Jans and Madiha Feguigui