Kurdish Cinema Made in Belgium: Shortfilms

Houses with small windows
CINEMA RITCS, Antoine Dansaertstraat 70, 1000 Brussel
2 EUR / 5 EUR
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In collaboration with the Kurdish Institute Brussels, CINEMA RITCS will focus on Kurdish Cinema Made in Belgium. Next to two feature films, 6 shorts will be screened in original version with English subtitles and in presence of the directors. 

- Houses with Small Windows (Bülent Öztürk, 2013)
In rural Kurdistan, in southeast Turkey, 22-year-old Dilan pays for her forbidden love for a man with her life. She has brought shame on her family and is murdered by her own brothers. As the tradition wants, her life has to be compensated. 

- Shadow (Bülent Öztürk, 2015)
Hevi, a teenage Yezidi girl, is trying to survive together with her mother and younger sister in war-stricken Iraq. While fundamentalist groups terrorize the countryside, they live hidden in a cave near their deserted village. The young Hevi must take a heartbreaking decision. 

- Phone Story (Binevsa Berivan, 2009)
Mémo, a Kurdish immigrant in Brussels, is managing a phone shop in the city. His curiosity and loneliness are pushing him to listen to his customers’ conversations, in particular those of the beautiful Leïla …

- Sidewalk (Binevsa Berivan, 2011)
This is the story about Mémo, a Kurdish immigrant living with his wife in the basement of a Brussels house. To avoid eviction from Belgium, Mémo remains secluded in his basement, peeping on passers-by through the window and waiting for his wife to return.

- Land of the heroes (Sahim Omar Kalifa, 2010)
Iraq, 1988. In a country devastated by war, Dileer and his sister want to watch cartoons on television. But that turns out to be more difficult than expected. 

- Baghdad Messi (Sahim Omar Kalifa, 2013)
Iraq, 2009. Little Hamoudi has only one leg, but is completely addicted to football. He and his friends, along with the rest of the world, watch the Champions League final between FC Barcelona and Manchester United and the long-awaited clash between Messi and Ronaldo. But then the television goes out. 

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