Bachelor or Master in Dramatic Arts

Stage Management

Stage Management

The course of Stage Management prepares you for a career in the wide range of performing arts. Are you the one who dreams of making the impossible reality together with the artists? Then this professional bachelor's degree programme - unique in Flanders - is definitely something for you.

Here you learn that a decor does not exist without light, a musician not without a PA system and that chaos on stage is preceded by razor-sharp organization. Technology and organizational insight, reflection, creative imagination and a critical sense are predominant.
In the first year you get a solid base of light, audio, video, scenography and production, you learn about safety, stage mechanics, crowd control, but you also learn to read and understand performances.

From the second year onwards you choose between:
Production and Stage Management in the performing arts: on the elaboration of complex budgets and schedules and the realization of artistic projects in a safe and creative way.

Technology in the performing arts: the use of light, audio, video, stage mechanics and scenography in regards to content within internal or external creative assignments.
In real-life situations you learn the production and technical tricks of the trade. Spread over three years you will do a twenty-week internship as a production manager or theatre technician at a theatre or dance company, arts centre, events agency, concert organizer, theatre, production or opera house, circus, .... .
The final piece of your training is the result of a three-year research into an innovative technical outcome that you present in a practice-based thesis.

Admission tests

If you want to start at the RITCS, you first have to pass an artistic admission test. Registration for participation in this artistic admission test is mandatory and you can only participate once. You make the choice for one of the two periods:

Session 1 
Deadline registration: 21.06.2020 
Workweek: 29.06.2020 - 03.07.2020 
Session 2 
Deadline registration: 18.08.2020 
Workweek: 31.08.2020 - 04.09.2020

If you wish to participate in the admission test, you can start the registration procedure below and we'll be happy to see you soon on the Bottelarij campus at the RITCS School of Arts.

Participation in the admission test

You must register to participate in the admission test. During this first step we ask for some general information, so keep your diploma and identity card at hand. If you have successfully registered, you will receive an e-mail with the necessary details regarding your admission test and what we expect from you. In order to complete your registration successfully, you must pay the registration fee associated with the admission test. If you follow these steps, you are registered for the admission test and you can start to prepare.

Registration starts the first of February 2020.