Kato De Boeck
Bachelor and Master in Audiovisual Arts



Do you want to learn how to recognize, finance, budget and organize a good story? As a student of audiovisual arts, you can focus on production to learn how to produce a film, a fiction series, an animated film, a television programme or a documentary. During the entire production process and the subsequent release, you will monitor the story on the content and artistic level. Therefore you work together with directors, writers, cameramen, sound engineers, editors, etc.

During your training you will learn how to deal with people (crew and cast) and resources (technical and artistic) and you will take on multiple functions at the start, such as Location Manager, 1st Assistant Director, Script Supervisor and Production Manager. A sense for organization and diplomacy play an important role here.

You gain insight into scenarios, research and concept developments, legal and logistical aspects of production, planning and financing. Gradually you will learn about the national and international possibilities of financing, marketing and distribution. During your Master programme, you set up your own production house and manage one or more audiovisual productions successfully.

 All our classes are in Dutch.