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RITCS strongly supports international cooperation in education and research. As a School of Arts located in the very heart of Europe, it therefor defines its tasks in an international perspective. The framework for our international policy is the knowledge triangle containing education, research and innovation. If you wish to discover our different programs, please go to 'courses'. 

Students from abroad are offered several possibilties to follow a course or program at RITCS, depending on their wishes and formation. In general there are two ways to attend a course or program at the RITCS School of Arts: as an Erasmus student or as a regular student

Erasmus student

If your home institution has an Inter-institutional agreement with our school you can apply for an Erasmus exchange program. Studying at RITCS | Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound is organised around several specialisation areas which are taught from the Bachelor level to the Master level. Be aware that students are mostly taught in Dutch. However, as the groups are quite small, you can easily catch up and fellow students are there to help you. Incoming Erasmus students often have a small project and take part in Dutch courses with their own tasks. If you want to apply as an Erasmus student at RITCS, please apply by e-mail and send your portfolio by e-mail to our colleague of international affairs, Lai Kin Chang via

Regular student

Next to the Erasmus program, RITCS also offers the possibility to follow the courses as a regular student. Except for the international master program drama-directing, all our courses follow a Dutch-language track. If you wish to study at RITCS as a regular student, we therefor advise you to look into our language requirements in our language guide. 

Dramatic Arts

Students who choose the Drama course must immediately choose between Directing and Acting. There is cooperation with the Stage Management course in a number of studio sessions. The Stage Management course trains technicians, stage managers and production managers for the theatre, production companies, and arts and cultural centres. It is housed together with the Drama course in De Bottelarij, an impressive industrial building fifteen minutes’ walk from the main RITCS building.

Next to the classic Dutch-language courses, RITCS School of Arts offers two different Master programs within the large field of theatre and performing arts: (1) a Dutch-language track focusing on advanced-level acting training and (2) an international program (Dutch, English, French) focusing on the development of your personal work as a director, theatre maker or performer. Each year we have a limited number of places for external candidates for both of our MA programs. These students will join a small group of students who have been trained in our own BA program.

If you wish to learn more about the international master program and its conditions of admission, we invite you to discover their course-page, soon to be online. 

Audiovisual Arts

In the academically-oriented Audiovisual Arts course at the RITCS you can choose between Directing, Cinematography, Sound Design, Editing, Writing, Production and Animation Film. These programs our taught in Dutch only. On the level of language requirements, RITCS therefor has a specific policy. Please check the language guide for more information. 

More information

If you desire to have more information on your possibilities as a student, you can get in touch with our counselor Katrien Fauville or our colleague of international affairs, Lai Kin Chang. 

Katrien Fauville 

International affairs 
Lai Kin Chang 

Please note that our English website is still under construction and will be updated soon. Thank you for your comprehension.