Cinematography in Progress 2019

Cinematographers in da house!


In april 2019, RITCS School of Arts together with INSAS, Brussels and in association with the Lusofona University, Portugal, welcomed Cinematographers from all over the world for the 3rd 'Cinematography in progress' conference. The overall subject of the conference is Cinematography and in a wider context visual storytelling for fiction films. A key dimension of the conference is to discuss the current trends in cinematography and how this should be applied to future teaching in film school and other educational facilities. The focus is on the connection between the methodologies of researching cinematography and teaching cinematography. The participants were invited to participate at the round tables during the conference held in Brussels on 4-5-6th of April 2019.

Cinematography in progress

Presentations by passionate people

Leslie Charreau on the conference: 'I must admit when I was asked if I could write an article about the Third International Conference on teaching and researching Cinematography, I wasn't thrilled. I thought it was going to be a bit boring hearing teachers talk about how they can improve their educational tools to form better cinematographers or how they can acquire the methods for researching cinematography. I couldn't be more wrong. Not only did these two subjects turned out to be fascinating but moreover they were presented by passionate people. Furthermore, this conference opened my mind to a number of ideas for consideration. On top of that it was really nice to be among peers from all over the world and to hear and participate in their discussions regarding the same concerns, but in very diverse angles depending on the country and the type of school they come from. What more can I say? At the end of the three days, I was hooked... .' Read the full article on IMAGO.

More on the conference

Learn more about the results of the conference and discover the full photo gallery via IMAGO.




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