Independent Brussels Film Festival 2019

Brussels Independent Film Festival
CINEMA RITCS, Antoine Dansaertstraat 70, 1000 Brussel
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Two days in a row, CINEMA RITCS welcomes the Independent Brussels Film Festival 2019 for a screening of various short films. 


A Dog Leashed  by Dane Cree (United States)
Duration: 00:03:00 - Animated / Experimental

Self-reflection through meditation. A look at the shadow self.

Cleaning Schaerbeek  by Farah Kassem (Lebanon)
Duration: 00:19:39 - Documentary

Following the Paris Attacks in November 2015, the Belgian minister of interior increases the alert level on the national scale. In one of his interviews, he announces that he wants to clean Molenbeek, a region in Brussels recently tied to islamist extremism. Meanwhile, a resident from Schaerbeek notices unusual happening in front of her window. She decides to alert the authorities.

Ophelia by Eric Du Bellay (France) 
Duration: 00:12:57 - Experimental

At night, a woman at different ages loves, suffers and frees herself. She's called Ophelia.

Compared to me by Simon van der Zande (Belgium) 
Duration: 00:10:40 - Documentary

An intimate portrait of a young woman searching for her identity as a professional dancer. 

Waithood by Louisiana Mees (Belgium)
Duration: 00:21:37 -  Documentary

A group of young non-actors, from Athens, yearn to forget their idle futures while playing in luxurious Airbnb’s. Nevertheless their fate catches up with them.

Lobi Kuna by Matthias De Groof (Belgium)
Duration: 00:45:35 - Experimental

Photographer Mekhar Kiyoso is in the Africa Museum for a shoot. His gaze is soon unsettled as he views through his lens the macabre museum as a mausoleum of his cultural heritage. As he’s being possessed by the artefacts, he remembers being alienated from them. Lobi Kuna (which in Lingala means the day after tomorrow as well as the day before yesterday) tells the story of his appropriation of the past in order to project himself into a future., and this while the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren undergoes a metamorphosis through its renovations. In speaking about the relation of Mekhar to the museum, Lobi Kuna speaks about the relation of the African diaspora to Europe and its role for Africa. It speaks about the confines of Europe and the difficulties of decolonization.

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