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26 april 2017
18:30 - 21:30

Festivalscreening: Somali Film Night (Cinemaximiliaan)

Woensdag, 26 April, 2017 - 19:30 tot 22:30, Cinema RITCS


Het voelt bijna aan als traditie. Op het eind van ieder semester maakt CINEMA RITCS ruimte voor de vrienden van Cinemaximiliaan. In samenwerking met Afrika Film Festival
stelden zij dit semester een reeks kortfilms samen en organiseren ze op 26 april een 'Somali Film Night'. Het programma kan je hieronder ontdekken. Welkom vanaf 19u30



Geedka Nolosha (Tree of Life)
Abdulcadir Ahmed Said
Somalia, 1987 - 19 min.
This silent film depicts a small town where a nomad cuts down a tree he needs to use. However, he accidentally chops down the wrong tree, killing the tree that sustains life itself. When the latter tree falls, all life disappears. The nomad then finds himself in the middle of a desert that he does not recognize, and he tries to work his way back to civilization. During this particular quest, he comes across a small tree that is in the process of dying and opts instead to save this one.

Aleel La Conchiglia (Sea Shell) 
Abdulcadir Ahmed Said
Somalia, 1992 - 23 min.
A female artist is painting a seascape on a deserted beach when she discovers a beautiful conch. Curious, she puts her ear to it and listens to the echoes and sounds of the ocean waves. However, she also hears the voice of a little girl, Sophie, who recounts her short and troubled life in her small town, which once stood on a lush shore but has since been destroyed by an ecological catastrophe. One night, a boat discharged illegal toxic waste that poisoned the fish and local fisherman, eventually contaminating all the vegetation on the coast and the region's inhabitants. Sophie's story is recounted twelve months after the ecological disaster first struck that strip of land, forever ruining the habitat and claiming many lives, including that of the child herself. The film's last sequence nevertheless leaves a glimmer of hope: a group of children are playing near the sea, and a little girl breaks away from the pack to invite the female protagonist to join their game.

Carrara (Run)
Mohamed Warsame, 2009
Somalia, 2009 - 5 min.
In this animation short, Nail Adam takes the viewer and places them in the perspective of a Somali person. In this film it shows Samira, a young girl on her journey for water. On this journey however, she is attacked by militants.

Abdiwali Jaceelow
Somalia/Sweden, 2012 - 17 min.
A short romance film about two Somalians living in Sweden. 

Godka Cirka (A Hole in the Sky)
Antonio Tibaldi & Àlex Lora Cercós
Somalia, 2013 - 10 min.
In this documentary short, Young Alifa looks up at the somali sky. She thinks about her daily life as a shepherdess. She knows that the day that will change her life forever is about to come.

Stand Together
Ahmed Farah
Somalia, 2012 - 4 min
A man sees the hourglass turning on his life. To his young sons, he bequeaths something much more valuable than just his camels. He shows them what happens when they stand together.