Discussing the end of the world

Discussing the end of the world
ViaVia Café, 1st floor
Winter School

How to prepare for a possible collapse of civilisation as we know it today? Far from any doomsday prophecy or Hollywood zombie fictions, the Happy Transitioner Society is a group of people meeting weekly in Brussels in order to collectively tackle the denial and hopelessness that might arise when confronted with climate change and other ecological limits, and imagine what our societies could look like after the end of industrial production and consumption.

Discussing the end of the world
An evening with The Happy Transitioner Society
Wednesday 16.01.18 - 18h30
Viavia Café, 1st floor
Participation is free of charge

Winter School 

This years edition of the RITCS Winter School will focus on the topic Any Change Calls for Resistance. The evening program, organized at Viavia Café, involves guest speakers and collective discussions around a large pot of soup. Each evening opens up the topic of one of the Winter School's workshops to a broader conversation. More on ritcs.be/winter-school or Winter School: Any Change Calls For Resistance

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