Decolonialisation is not a metaphore!

ViaVia Café, 1st floor
Winter School

An inflation in the use and the demand for decolonisation in the arts pushes for clarification. What can decolonisation mean beyond its metaforical use? What various forms does the demand of decolonisation take in its plurality in the arts? Following some of its historical lineages, this evening will address the challenges of this bottom-up movement and what it would take to face them in the arts in Belgium and beyond today?

Decolonialisation is not a metaphore!
An evening with Laura Nsengiyumva, Omar Jabary Salamanca and Joachim Ben Yakoub
Thursday 17.01.18 - 18h30
Viavia Café, 1st floor
Participation is free of charge

Winter School 

This years edition of the RITCS Winter School will focus on the topic Any Change Calls for Resistance. The evening program, organized at Viavia Café, involves guest speakers and collective discussions around a large pot of soup. Each evening opens up the topic of one of the Winter School's workshops to a broader conversation. More on or Winter School: Any Change Calls For Resistance

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Laura Nsengiyumva
Omar Jabary Salamanca 
Joachim Ben Yakoub

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