Brussels Independent Film Festival: The Mechanics of Fluids & Chaylla (France)

Brussels Independent Film Festival: The Mechanics of Fluids & Chaylla (France)
CINEMA RITCS I Antoine Dansaertstraat 70 I 1000 Brussel
Free entry
Reservation required

On Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th of February CINEMA RITCS welcomes the Brussels Independent Film Festival for an inspiring program of feature films. This screening session features 2 films. All selected films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.

The Mechanics of Fluids (France) - Gala Hernández López

Synopsis: In 2018, an incel called Anathematic Anarchist posted a suicide letter on Reddit entitled "America is responsible for my death". The documentary "The Mechanics of Fluids" is an attempt to find answers to his words. A virtual drift through the internet in search of his digital traces that ends up being an inner journey between our connected solitudes. Running time: 00:35:00.

Selections/awards: DOK Leipzig, FIFIB Bordeaux Contrebande (Grand Prix Contrebande and more), Seminci Valladolid Documentary (Best Documentary Short), Kasseler Dokfest, Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares, Beijing International Short FF, D'A FF Barcelona, Doc.Berlin (Best Experimental Documentary).

Chaylla (France) - Clara Teper, Paul Pirritano

Synopsis: Lens, in northern France. Chaylla, a 23-year-old woman, is trying to break free from an abusive relationship. She is ready to fight – to gain custody of her children, to have her ordeals vindicated. But, deep inside, she still harbours a lingering hope of becoming a family again with her ex-partner. From legal battles to inner struggles, The documentary "Chaylla" portrays four years in the life of a young woman, whose longing for freedom and burning desire for justice are enmeshed with the mechanisms of abusive control and dependency. Running time: 01:12:00.

Selections/awards: Visions du réel, États généraux du film documentaire Lussas.

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