Drama Directing
Bachelor or Master in Dramatic Arts

Drama - Directing

Your training in details


Accompanied by renowned theatre makers, you gain insight into the various techniques and media connected to the performing arts through workshops. In the theory classes, you analyse the different theatre traditions and contexts and develop your own conceptual framework. But it is mainly on the stage where you examine what the theatre of the future might look like and where your own urges and desires lie from which you want to address an audience.

In these workshops we ask how we can introduce society into the theatre, which urgencies of our time we can get to people through theatre and what is needed today to stimulate the public's imagination. Can theatre bombard the digital society with a vital experience? Can we still make Shakespeare urgent or should we rather connect Breakdancers and Dada? What do we put at stake and how do we get someone to play? Can we create a place through theatre where it is pleasant or challenging for the spectator to stay?

In practical exercises with your fellow students from other disciplines, you convert your acquired expertise from the techniques and your findings from the workshops into performances.
You are a maker who steers, coaches and inspires playfully, but also dares to lose track, scans your own boundaries and constantly (re)discover yourself. Throughout this process you learn to be the instigator of theatre projects with a particular and significant signature.

This training makes you resilient for a fascinating and influential career in the theatrical field. 


The “directing” track (language: Dutch, English or French) – we tend to prefer the broader neologism “theatre maker” – focuses on the development of your individual work and will take the form of a coherent hands-on research track that will be elaborated by means of two fully-fledged artistic projects (public presentations). This track presupposes considerable experience in the concerned artistic activities. 

This MA programme is hosted by the theatre department of RITCS | School of Arts, which also organizes BA programs in acting, directing and theatre technique (production, light design, set design, sound and video). Our MA programme welcomes prospective candidates with a Bachelor degree in Performing Arts. The RITCS Master of Theatre is internationally acknowledged and accredited by the NVAO.

You will work in an interdisciplinary environment aimed at the development of your personal work as a performer or director, whether this work is developed individually or in close collaboration with other artists. You will work within the broad field of (music) theatre and performance art. The backbone of this tailor-made MA programme will be taken up by your practice-based artistic research, which will be developed in permanent negotiation with an audience and the broader context of the arts world. At the end of the academic year the graduation projects are presented in a festival which the school organizes in collaboration with Kaaitheater (www.kaaitheater.be) and KVS (www.kvs.be).


Teaching staff

The Master in Theatre is coordinated by a mentor who will act as your artistic and intellectual sparring partner throughout the year, together with a team of staff members.

The programme works with a wide variety of artists, dramaturges and academics, including: Dirk Verstockt (dramaturge, director, critic), Eurudike De Beul (singer, Peeping Tom), Ruud Gielens (actor, director), Geert Opsomer (dramaturgy), Karel Vanhaesebrouck (theory), Klaas Tindemans (dramaturgy), Bart Capelle (dramaturgy), Sanja Mitrovic (director, performer), Tom Dupont (writer, director), Tom Dupont (writer, director) and many others. Students in the directing track can propose their own coaches. The theory seminars are taught by our in-house professors Lieven De Cauter, Geert Opsomer and Dominiek Hoens.

You can find an extensive list of our teachers on the Dutch website page. 


Students holding a Flemish BA degree in Drama (acting) have direct access to the MA programme in Performing Arts (acting). However, participating in the auditions and subsequent workshop is highly recommended. All other candidates should follow the application procedure


About the admission test

Our Directing program, which accepts students who can work, read and communicate in Dutch, French our English, welcomes aspiring theatre makers, directors and performance artists who would like to develop their personal work through a sustained focus on the articulation of their own artistic language and universe. 

All candidates for the Master Drama-Directing have to take part in an admission test. For full information on how to apply, we would like to ask you to consult our information brochure with all further details on the procedure and minimum requirements. After you have read the brochure you can register for the admission test.

The admission test is centered around two key moments: an online audition and a workshop week. 

The online audition will be held on Thursday 05.05.2022 via Zoom or Teams.
At the end of the day you will hear if you can join the workshop week from Tuesday 28.06.2022 until Friday 01.07.2022.

We ask you to be available during this week, so that you can do the admission test without any problems. Admission tests that are only partly finished are not sufficient to succeed.

You can find more information on the content of the admission test in the brochure that is enclosed in the confirmation mail. 

Admission deadline: Monday 25.04.2022

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