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Bachelor and Master in Audiovisual Arts


Your training in details

As a student of audiovisual arts you can focus on directing and telling an audiovisual story, both fiction and stories from the real world.

In the Fiction programme you go through all the stages of the directing process: the development of the scenario, an artistic vision worked out in a script, the communication towards a crew, directing the actors, leading and delegating, guiding the post-production. A socially critical vision, strong dramaturgy, a fascinating philosophical approach, humour and abstraction are stimulated in a creative, free framework.

The Documentary programme forms you into an independent and self-conscious director with an original, poetic and dramatic eye for reality. You are able to interpret this reality creatively and artistically and you have the potential to discover dramatic lines in daily life. You also have the necessary flexibility to adapt your story to reality.

 All our classes are in Dutch.

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