Kobe Fleerackers Still
Bachelor and Master in Audiovisual Arts


Your training in details

Within Audiovisual Arts you can focus on cinematography. Cinematography is the art of ‘seeing and visualizing’. As a student, you learn to elaborate a story or visual concept with great attention to the creation of an atmosphere through light, image composition and movement. Creating moving images in function of a story not only requires a good dose of creativity, it also requires the necessary knowledge of film technology.

Film is teamwork. During the training you work together with students who focus on direction, production, sound design and editing, but you keep enough space for your personal research and the development of your own visual style. In the Master year, that personal investigation results in incorporating the function of 'Director of Photography'.

If you want to start at the RITCS, you first have to pass an artistic admission test. Registration for participation in this artistic admission test is mandatory and you can only participate once. You make the choice for one of the two periods:

Session 1: 16th of May or 19th of May and 25th of June until 29th of June.

Session 2:  27th of August until 31st of August

If you wish to participate in the admission test, you can start the registration procedure below and we'll be happy to see you soon at the RITCS School of Arts.

Participation in the admission test


You must register to participate in the admission test. During this first step we ask for some general information, so keep your diploma and identity card at hand. If you have successfully registered, you will receive an e-mail with the necessary details regarding your admission test and what we expect from you. In order to complete your registration successfully, you must pay the registration fee associated with the admission test. If you follow these steps, you are registered for the admission test and you can start to prepare.




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