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Bachelor and Master in Audiovisual Arts

Animation Film

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Animation Film

Animation film-makers, computer animators and puppet film-makers are formed in the Animation Film department at RITCS. In the first year you get acquainted with the various animation techniques, the basic principles of animating, and you get a general graphical basic education. During the second and third year you determine your own direction and specialization, depending on your interests and future plans.

The entire production process of an animated film is covered in this course: from idea and scenario to image finishing and sound. During the master programme you realize your own short animated film. This is an aptitude test, but even more it is a personal investigation that could also captivate an audience for the medium of animation film. The programme has close ties with leading animation companies and artists. The teachers are predominantly professionals who are well-grounded in the field and know the sector through and through.

 All our classes are in Dutch.

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