Palestina Frin Platteeuw

Solidarity Statement for Palestinian People


We note with great concern that the occupation of Palestine by Israel and the military control of the so-called autonomous territories has once again led to an escalation of violence. We also note, on closer inspection, that this regime of occupation and oppression has all the hallmarks of colonial politics. In Europe, civil movements are making efforts to deal with the legacy and traces of their own colonial politics, based on a fundamental respect for human rights and a critical historical view.

An art school has a particular responsibility in this regard. We train students to reflect with a persistent, critical and committed attitude on justice and injustice, sorrow and joy in today's world. And to subsequently translate that reflection into artistic media: theater, cinema and sound, in a broad sense, as the name of the RITCS itself indicates. Art and media never tell innocent stories, especially when oppression manifests itself so clearly. As an art school, we are also taking steps towards inclusive art education, both in the curriculum, in personnel policy and in student influx. Considering this, we condemn any form of oppression and violence.

At the same time, the violent reality of Palestine is very present in our school through the great involvement of students, teachers, researchers and other employees of the RITCS, often with a personal story in this region, and always from an authentic engagement. Undoubtedly, besides Palestine, there are other flashpoints in the world that deserve our attention. But seeing that this issue directly affects many of us today, we want to make this particular point.

For all these reasons, we invite everyone at the RITCS to strongly condemn the violence that has recently escalated in Palestine and Israel as a result of the colonial regime practiced there. We invite all students and staff to express their commitment, based on a deep respect for human rights and the personal autonomy of everyone. In the first instance by expressing and putting into practice substantive choices in one's own artistic work even more strongly than before. But also by making an explicit gesture that all injustice should receive more attention than is currently the case. That is why we invite you to join us in signing the petition below and / or supporting a project of a Palestinian artist collective.

Directors, heads of training and research of the RITCS and ON.IT*

*ON.IT is a collective of young artists, started at RITCS, that wants to work towards a more inclusive (art) world, beginning with the art school itself.

A letter against apartheid

Palestinian artists, writers and our listed allies in the arts ask you to show your support for Palestinian liberation.

Sign the petition

Support Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research

Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research is a grass-roots independent artist–run initiative founded in 2014 in Bethlehem. Israeli soldiers raided the centre on Saturday night, May 15, causing extensive damage to the historical building and confiscating equipment including phones, computers, hard drives, cameras, and books.

Support the collective

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