Audiovisual Arts

Courses RITCS

Within the Audiovisual Arts programme we offer a specific bachelor and master degree for various disciplines: animated film, radio, directing, writing, production, cinematography, sound design and editing. Here, the training practice is a reflection of how professional cooperation works in reality. All our classes are in Dutch.

Renowned audiovisual makers guide you through your personal artistic development, leaving plenty of room for searching and experimenting. A sharp dose of theory allows you to reflect on the content of your audiovisual work and the complex world in which this work will find its meaning. With teachers who are there to motivate you with every new step.

Dramatic Arts

Dramatic Arts

By choosing a programme in Drama at the RITCS, you enter a fascinating field where many disciplines and worlds come together. With our international exchanges, the multicultural actors and the Brussels metropolis as a cherry on the cake, our training generates a window on the world. A fascinating perspective to which you relate as a person and an artist. Each time from a different metier, you learn to make theatre; both Acting, Directing-Writing and Stage Management are a part of this process. Within the RITCS, you learn to discover your individuality as the basis of a unique artistry, based on confrontation, research, autonomy and self-questioning, but above all by doing it in collaboration with others. With our finger on the pulse of the contemporary performing arts landscape, we guide you in your first steps towards a fascinating and wonderfully complex field.